Foundation Programs

LINDBACK DISTINGUISHED TEACHING AWARD (colleges/universities) began in 1961

The Foundation makes grants in support of the Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award to certain colleges and universities primarily in the Greater Delaware Valley area. The stipend for each award is $4,000.

In 2009 (for the academic year 2009-10) the Trustees implemented a change in this program. It was decided that colleges with less than 100 full-time faculty members would receive one award every other year.

The following are the conditions and terms on which the awards are made. The award shall be given to a faculty member of the participating institution for demonstrated excellence in teaching students, subject to the following guidelines:

  • no recipient will receive the award more than once while on the faculty of a participating institution;
  • each institution will give the award at such time during the academic year as it deems appropropriate;
  • a permanent, part-time (at least half-time) faculty member is eligible provided he/she has served on the institution's faculty for each of the preceding three years;
  • the stipend wil not be supplemented with funds from any other source; and
  • each institution will name and publicize the award as "The Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award" and will not use that name for any other prize or honor awarded by the institution.

One question that comes up from time to time is whether a participating institution may make one or more additional awards by using its own funds. Regrettably, the Foundation cannot permit a college or university to fund the award on any basis except with funds provided by the Foundation. In other words, a condition of each institution's participation in the award program is that it shall not make the award at any time unless it is supported solely by the usual Foundation grant of $4,000. Please note that the award cannot be split among two or more recipients.


The Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation sponsors an annual award that recognizes outstanding high school teachers. The Foundation established the Lindback Award for Distinguished High School Teachers to honor one teacher from every Philadelphia public high school who demonstrates excellence in promoting learning at the highest levels. The award recipients will be chosen based on their activities that improve the intellectual and character development of students.

The recipients will receive $3,500 and recognition at a spring reception.

In nominating candidates, the Leadership Team in each school, consisting of the principal, two teachers (one whom shall be the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers' Building Representative and one previous Lindback Distinguished Teacher Winner), and one parent, will nominate two candidates using the following criteria:

  • creating a positive, supportive learning environment to advance student proficiency in academic subjects, making learning relevant and fun;
  • serving as a role model to students;
  • establishing trusting relationships with students, parents, guardians, and community members by being open and accessible for communication;
  • motivating students to learn, explore and maximize their spirit of inquiry and crictical thinking;
  • possessing knowledge and demonstrating various instructional strategies;
  • connecting collaborating and inspiring co-workers to energize students in positive ways; and
  • not won the award with a ten-year period

A central committee of School District adminstrators and a Philadelphia Federation of Teachers representative will review and make the final selection for each school winner and runner-up.


The Lindback Distinguished Principal Award, funded by the Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback Foundation of Philadelphia, recognizes and rewards school principals who have made significant leadership and humanitarian contributions to his/her school community.

This award recognizes individuals:

  • who have dedicated their time and efforts to public service to benefit the school and community;
  • who demonstrate compassion for other humans by their acts of kindness;
  • who demonstrate high expectations and develop people within their schools and communities; and
  • who ensure that conditions and incentives fully support teaching and learning to ensure all students are well prepared to succeed in the the 21st century.

The recipients receive $20,000 for their school and recognition at a spring reception.